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Ceramic studio assistant position available in Crete island 2022


Duration: 2 months

Commitment: Full-time

Description: Ceramic studio assistant position available in Crete island for two months: May-June and July-August, August-September. We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic people with passion for ceramics and strong motivation to learn pottery studio everyday life by participating in all creative stages of the daily duties : working with clay, welcoming customers, PR, presentations, social media, work planning, wholesales, keep the studio clean & tidy.


• Able to deliver all administrative tasks

• Volunteering experience

• Ability to organize own work and prioritize tasks

• Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills

• Committed to following a project through, from start to finish

• Creativity and ability to work on own initiative and meeting deadlines

• Fluent English language ( French & German languages are advance )

• Responsibility

• Experience in ceramic fields is advance


Ea ceramic studio is situated in a small touristic mountains village in the heart of Crete island. Located 25 km from third biggest city of the island – Rethymno, traditional pottery village of Margarites keeps deep history of local ceramics. Among 20 pottery workshops in the site, there are monastery, coffee places, walking paths and food taverns.


We offer:

• Trust and responsibilities given from day one

• Possibility to develop your skill and assets

• Recommendation letters

• Creativev athmosphare and location with other 20 pottery workshops

• Possibility to work on your own ceramic projects

• Availability to see how ceramic studio operates in backstage-duties, responsibilities, routines


Please note! Internship contract from University is required Applicants are encouraged to apply for European financial support such as Erasmus+ or University support and any other means for private funding for this work practice.

Applications will be analyzed and interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis

Don't hesitate to contact for further information or questions. 

No financial compensation




 Summer 2021 August-Spetember

As a complete novice in the field of ceramics, I believe that the apprenticeship at eaceramicstudio opened the door for me to the fascinating world of experimentation and creative development.

Being led by organized Ema and Aris full of vivid imaginations, I quickly learned the basics of working with clay and finding ways to create something out of myself. These past two months have shown me how it really is to run your own studio and how much self-discipline and passion are needed to be able to enjoy the fruits of my work and uplifting comments about it later. Not to mention interesting conversations and listened hours of different jazz schools that made a good vibe and resounded on the street from our studio. Slow living in the village of Margarites was a good opportunity to learn more about myself. Walks surrounded by wild nature allowed me to become more grounded and gave me even more ideas for a hopeful creative future. Overall I am very grateful for having a chance to experience such diversity in all respects and happy to say it was very worth a shot (of raki)!



 Summer 2019 May-June-July

I would like to start the review for my internship by telling that itFor the past three months I’ve been assisting Ema and Aris in their ceramic studio in the heart
of Margarites, the Cretan Pottery Village. I had the opportunity to practice and improve the different techniques used in the ceramics
production. From the knitting of the clay to the packaging of the final result while assisting in
the shop. This experience also allowed me to interact with people from all over the world, get to know their preferences and tendencies and the most important, their appreciation for the work we put into each and every unique handmade peace. Although this was a small part of my responsibilities it gave me the confidence that I needed to believe, once again, that is possible to live from what you love.
I also have a lot to thank to Ema and Aris who received me as a member of the team since day one. With whom I had so much fun and the pleasure to work with, and learn from for 90, unexpectedly very brief, days. I will always remember them with the same kindness they’ve showed me not only as a mentor but as a friend.



Summer 2019 August-September

It was totally worth it and that i am so so happy I went for it!
Ema and Aris have been very patience with me and they also guided me in a very smart way through the process of designing and selling the products.
To be honest, I wasn”t expecting at all this high level of interest from them in order to give me some new informations and also the patience to guide me in a way that the informations i already had become more clear.
They were open to my own concepts and opinions and often included me to their debates about what was about to happen on the creative part of the studio.
Personally, a very important detail about this internship is the connection that i had with them two.
I had the change to learn the wheel throwing from Aris the potter, which is a very special task i”m happy i came back with. They have this special skills to show you that you’re able to do things you never imagined before.
The last but not the least, the atmoshere in the studio is something absolutely special: on the rythm of Jazz, the magic happens at ea ceramic studio. ????

LUDMILA - Romania


Summer 2018 May-June
EA ceramics studio internship evaluation

During my two month internship in EA ceramics studio I have obtained many different skills that I see as important in running your own ceramic studio. My mentors carefully guided me through the whole process of product designing, making and presenting it to public.
I really appreciated how they included me into their debates about new ideas for products or explaining me the concepts behind their most successful ones. That gave me a different perspective on the possibilities of product development as it was presented to me at the university.
Letting me actively participating in their working process was another important opportunity which helped me upgrade my practical skills. Giving a list of daily tasks, was a very good way to let me try all the working techniques they are using in the studio. I did some slab building, wheel throwing, preparing the products for the first firing and also glazing. I appreciated their approach; by observing my work and talking with me about my interests, they adjusted their programme in the way that suited me the most. As a consequence, I was allowed to do a lot of wheel throwing, which was my favourite way of work. They also let me work on my personal projects after finishing my daily tasks. I also enjoyed the daily multitasking job; simultaneously running a shop and finishing the products. That way it was never boring.
Another very positive thing was the working atmosphere and our relationship. I never felt overlooked, but always as an equal part of their team. They appreciated my opinion and helped me out with advices when I had questions about the work process. I have also learned many things that can help with simplifying it. They were also very helpful with everything else that I needed; from travelling hints to some life hacks while staying on Crete.
Before I went to do my internship in EA ceramics studio I had no perception how it will look like in practice. Now I can say that it was one of the most valuable and positive experiences in my life and that the acknowledgment for this definitely goes to my mentors who gave me the opportunity to work in their studio. I really enjoyed everyday I have spent there; not only because of the work I love but also because of my employers.

MARUSA - Slovenia


Summer 2018 August-September

My experience from “ea ceramic studio” is dual. From one hand I have to admit that it gave me a bunch of new experiences based on ceramics, I can see my actual progress in wheel throwing technique and my perception of working in the studio is more clear than it was before. But from another hand, this experience gave me much more. I had the opportunity to live in an extremely beautiful place - Margarites. To meet beautiful people and to make friends. As far as I can see that yes, it gave me the possibility to work with clay and to learn a lot from it, But I do worship the most how this touched myself as a human being. And that’s the thing I will be always thankful for.



Summer 2019 April-May

It was an amazing adventure for me. I felt I became a member of the group from the first moment. I made some own project and I also helped out by Ema's and Aris's works. I also get expetinences about how to talk to the customers and to make workshop for them. But I think the most helpful part is that I could see how works a design studio.
Ema and Aris were very supportive and always helped me when I made something stupid. :)
Thank you guys everything!

BORIBALA - Hungary