19 / 07

Individual pottery workshops for adults and children

Beginner & intermediate practice-based hand-building courses that can be adapted for everyone's needs and interests. Designed to learn about local materials, Margarites village traditions for ceramics, traditional techniques & shapes, Knossos pottery, Cretan civilization pottery, and its influences nowadays.

Workshops can be addapted for individuals interested in a single sample experience in clay or Few days/week sessions for individuals interested to develop their skills and go through all pottery stages including preparing clay, decorating, glazing, loading kiln, firing. On your prefarable time and dates. 

We offer:

Individual Short Hand Building Or Wheel Throwing Session

Beginner / Intermediate Level
1.5 hours program
Adults only from 16 years old

meeting clay: hands-on training, theory, and demonstration of basic pottery techniques.
Proper use of the pottery wheel: centering clay on the wheel

Summary :
- Duration – 1.5 hours
- Participants: 1-2 Adults (age 16+)
- Designed to improve wheel throwing or hand-building skills
- Includes: individual tutoring / not limited local terracotta body clay/ basic tools / first bisque firing
- Participants can choose pieces that will be fired (biscuit firing including. Second firing with glaze is an extra charge)
- Cost: 40.00 Euros per person
- Extra price for fired object shipping if needed.


Children Program - PlayCLAY

1 h program
Age from 4 till 16 years old

meeting clay: understanding plasticity and material. Hand building introduction: slab rolling, clay cutting, writing on clay, hand forming and working with mould.
During clay sessions, children improving imagination, creativity, developing fine motor skills.

Summary :
- Price: 35.00 Euros per child
- Duration – 1 hour
- Participants: 1-5 children
- Includes: not limited local terracotta body clay/ basic tools / first bisque firing
- Designed to improve creativity & fine motor skills
- Basic tools available
- Extra price for fired object shipping, if needed


Please NOTE:
- Glazing is not included in the price. It is an extra 5.00 euro charge per glazed item 
- Due to the nature of clay, all made ceramics before firing need to dry. It might take from 1 to 3 days + firing and cooling down takes 24 hours. If participants are unable to collect ready ceramics-there is the possibility to ship them (extra shipping charge)
- Children in PlayClay classes can be accompanied by one relative that will observe the workshop. If relatives want to work with clay in the workshop together with the children, there is 30 euro charge per person extra