12 / 07

Spring is a heaven for house refreshment. Perfect time for colourful ceramics inspiration.

We would like to tell more about our handcrafted-handpainted decorative wall tiles. Inspiration comes from times when people were trying express themselves with drawing on walls and floors or stamping on clay. Clay had not only kitchenware meaning in Ancient Greece, thick unfired ceramic slabs were used as a base for writing notes. Slabs were scratched with a sharp tools or stamped. We can take as example FESTOS DISC- it is stamped and fired clay disc – predictably pray.

EA CERAMIC STUDIO unique wall tiles has drawing on front side and space for writing message on other side. For message writing on fired clay we recommend to use felt-pen. Ink infiltrates in to clay pore and staying permanently. Check small part of our tiles collection on gallery page Didn’t find what you are looking for ?

Came along and experiment with shape, colour and surface treatment to create interesting effects on tiles and not only during individual ceramic sessions. For query write us at