04 / 12

Winter is all about long cozy weekends mornings. I‘s nice to enjoy slow morning ruitines when outside is snow white. Half day Christmas breakfast is a top for this winter. So relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and get some inspiration to be ready when the time comes.

Simple shapes for the most important food of the day – our breakfast mood !

The day starts after coffee and coffee cups gives your coffee extra charakter. Espresso with simple discs instead of small plates or large cup of hot drink in our dancing cups collection tells the story of your day begining.

Plane serving discs in two sizes can be used as individual settings or serving platters for brushkettas, omlet rolls or morning fruits. Simple, comfortable and different.

What a breakfast without eggs. Egg holders in different colours adds some splash to the table decoration Christmas mood starts and ends with some must have angel cups. Limited edition and limited amount of cups for this winter festive moments.

Finally, gifts unter the tree is‘s not what makes Christmas morning special- it is people near us – nice breakfastware always helps a little.