20 / 02

Every year we meet more and more people interested in making something with their hands from clay. And that is great – to see people creativity, interest and passion for handmade ceramics. Because it is not all about mud – it is about touch with ourselves, details in our lives and everyday moments to be surrounded by the objects that we care and value. To serve our everyday food in hand made tableware, to drink coffee from the cups that reminds us well spent summer days – that is daily luxury.

As every year, this summer is no exception - our back garden will be prepared for individual pottery sessions for this summer. On suited time and dates the wheel throwing and hand building experience available for everyone that interested. Sessions includes one to one basic techniques guiding, not limited clay and first firing ( keep in mind- clay needs time to dry – we recommend to book classes at the beginning of your holidays in order to have time to dry and to be fired ). People wishing to spend more that few hours playing with clay, can book five days courses. During the week sessions we introduce to all pottery techniques, coloring options, firing, glazing and wheel throwing basics. Half day program perfectly suits individuals interested to mix holidays with activities.

For more details about courses, living availabilities and places to visit in the area – reach us:

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